přednáška doc. France Trčka

4 Prosinec 2012 13:00

přednáška doc. France Trčka

Local authorities and local economic development in peripheral municipalities of Ljubljana’s urban region

Local authorities have been usually seen as central pillars in the process of promoting local economic development and we have to say that in Slovenia they are trying hard to fulfill this role - one of their central ones – as best as they can. However, we also have to admit that they are not always successful in performing this central developmental role.

At a time of overall economic crisis well defined strategies of local economic development that will include all local stakeholders will have to be one of the main goals of local authorities. In presentation I will try to establish the reasons for the limited success of local authorities in the process of promoting local economic development in the peripheral municipalities of the Ljubljana urban region which is the main developmental region in Slovenia. The main goal of our research is to define the set of problems which cause bottlenecks when attempting to define, transform and  promote local economic initiatives that could unlock local social capital. 

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