Přednáška dr. Zienerové

28 Listopad 2012 12:00

Přednáška dr. Zienerové

Karen Ziener, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Lectures for Olomouc and Brno

1. Conflicts between Recreational Use and Nature Conservation in National Parks and Biosphere Reserves – examples from Germany and Austria

The first lecture is dealing with conflict potentials and conflict situations analysed within the framework of my habilitation thesis. The study combines perspectives of Geography and Spatial Planning with the social-scientific research. The examples from six regions – Rügen and Hiddensee Islands, Spreewald, Harz Mountains, Rhön Mountains, Lake Neusiedl/Fertő and Danube Flood Plains near Vienna – show general tendencies of conflict development and management as well as regional differences. The Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald was founded on the territory of Vienna and in the surrounding area. Therefore the conflicts between wild life management and leisure activities are partly strong. The IESP Project between two universities of Vienna and the Federal Environment Agency provides a spatial analysis of conflicts and a catalog of strategies and management options for conflict management.

* Theoretical basics: term of conflict in social sciences, spatial and personal-situative conflict potentials of utilization conflicts, conflict process and conflict solution process

* Competitive conflict situation and cooperative conflict situation – District of Rügen and Rhön Mountains

* Types of utilisation conflicts and goal conflicts with examples from different national parks and biosphere reserves

* Adaptation of these results to conflicts between sustainable wildlife management and leisure activities in the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald (indicator species and indicator activities) – approach and selected results of the IESP Project financed by the Austrian Academy of Science (Man and Biosphere Programme)

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