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Jedním z přínosů projektů je nákup zaraniční literatury, která obohacuje nabídku knihovny Přírodovědecké fakulty MU.


název rok vydání autor dlouhodobá výpůjčka
Atlas of the 2008 Elections 2011 Brunn, S. D. a kol. P. Voda
Economic Geography: Places, Networks and Flows 2011 Wood, A., R.s, A. O. Šerý
Global Shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy 2011 Dicken, P. O. Šerý
Key Concepts In Economic Geography 2011 Hanson, S. O. Šerý
New Directions in English for Specific Purposes Research 2011 Belcher, D. a kol. R. Bednářová
Postmodern geographies: the reassertion of space in critical social theory 2011 Soja, E. P. Daněk
Transition Economies: Political Economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia 2011 Myant, M., Drahokoupil, J. O. Šerý
Biogeography, Fourth Edition 2010 Lomonino a kol. J. Divíšek
Global Issues: Selections from CQ Researcher 2010 P. Voda
Russian Minority Politics of Post-Soviet Latvia and Kyrgyzstan: The Transformative Power of Informal Networks (National and Ethnic Conflict in the 21th Century) 2010 Commercio, M. E. O. Herzán
Twentieth-century higher education: Elite to Mass to Universal 2010 Trow, M., Burrage, M. A. Nogová
Academic Discourse: English in a Global Context 2009 Hyland, K. R. Bednářová
Geography: History and Concepts 2009 Holt-Jensen, A. P. Daněk
Globalization and Sovereignty 2009 Agnew, J. P. Voda
Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State: Why Americans Vote the Way They Do 2009 Gelman, A. P. Voda
Regional Diversity and Local Development in the New Member States 2009 Blokker, P., Dallago, B. O. Šerý
Spaces of security and insecurity: Geographies of the War on Terror 2009 Dodds, K., Ingram, A. P. Daněk
Successful Academic Writing 2009 Gillet, A. R. Bednářová
Terror and Territory: The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty 2009 Elden, S. P. Daněk
The next rural economies: constructing rural place in global economies 2009 Halseth, G. a kol. O. Konečný
Transit Oriented Development, Making it Happen 2009 Renne, J. L. a kol. F. Chvátal
Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success 2009 Belcher, W., L. R. Bednářová
Feminisms in geography: rethinking space, place, and knowledges 2008 Moss, P., Alhindi, K. F. R. Osman
Geography and Vision 2008 Cosgrove, D. P. Daněk
Globalising Worlds and New Economic Configurations 2008 Tamásy, C., Taylor, M. O. Šerý
Globalization and Social Movements: Islamism, Feminism and the Global Justice Movement 2008 Moghadam, V., M. P. Voda
Jobs on the Move. An Analytical Approach to 'Relocation' and its Impact on Employment 2008 Galgóczi, B., Keune, M., Watt, A. O. Šerý
The City as a Terminal 2008 Hesse, M. F. Chvátal
Twenty Years of Balkan Tangle 2008 Glenny, M. O. Herzán
A Climatic Atlas of European Breeding Birds 2007 Huntley, B. a kol. J. Divíšek
Economic Geography: A Contemporary Introduction 2007 Coe, N., Kelly, P., Yeung, H. O. Šerý
Emotional Geographies 2007 Davidson, J., Smith, M., Bondi, L. R. Osman
Reassembling the social: an introduction to actor-network-theory 2007 Latour, B. R. Osman
Scaling Biodiversity 2007 Stroch, D., Marquet, P., Brown, J. J. Divíšek
The history of Armenia (Palgrave Essential Histories) 2007 Payaslian, S. O. Herzán
Putting voters in their place: geography and election s in Great Britain 2006 Johnston, R., Pattie, Ch. P. Voda
Regional Economic Voting: Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, 1990-1999 2006 Tucker, J., A. P. Voda
The Institutions of the European Union (New European Union Series) 2006 Peterson, J., Shacketlon, M. A. Nogová
Linking Industries Across the World: Processes of Global Networking 2005 Alvstam, C., Schamp, E. O. Šerý
Spatial analysis: a guide for ecologists 2005 Fortin, M. J., Dale, M. R. J. Divíšek
Biodiversity: an introduction 2004 Gaston, J., G., Spicer, J., I. J. Divíšek
Disciplinary Discourses: Social Interactions in Academic Writing 2004 Hyland, K. R. Bednářová
Frontiers of biogeography: new directions in the geography of nature 2004 Lomolino, V. M., Lawrence, R. H. J. Divíšek
Aims and Methods of Vegetation Ecology 2003 Mueller-Dombois, D. O. Herzán
Macroecology: Concepts and Consequences 2003 Blackburn, M. T., Gaston, J. K. J. Divíšek
The Mountains of The Mediterranean World (Studies in Environment and History) 2003 McNeil, J. R. O. Herzán
The Rise and Fall of Czech Capitalism: Economic Development in the Czech Republic Since 1989 2003 Myant, M. O. Šerý
The structure and dynamics of geographic ranges. 2003 Gaston, K. J. J. Divíšek
Women, body, illness: space and identity in the everyday lives of women with chronic illness 2003 Moss, P., Dyck, I. R. Osman
Comparing Democracies 2: New Challenges in the Study of Elections and Voting 2002 Leduc, L., Niemi, R. G., Norris, P. P. Voda
Feminist geography in practice: research and methods 2002 Moss, P., Moss, J. P. R. Osman
The Politics of Mobility (Transport, Development and Sustainability) 2002 Vigar, G. F. Chvátal
The Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity and Biogeography 2001 Hubbell, S., P. J. Divíšek
Manufacturing Industry: The Impact of Change (2nd Revised edition) 2000 Raw, M. O. Šerý
Gender, identity and place: understanding feminist geographies 1999 McDowell, L. R. Osman
Reshaping the Countryside: Perceptions and Processes of Rural Change 1999 Walford, N., Everitt, J., Napton, D. O. Konečný
Space, gender, knowledge: feminist readings 1997 McDowell, L., Sharp, J. P. R. Osman
Thirdspace: Journeys to Los Angeles and Other Real-and-Imagined Places 1996 Soja W. E. R. Osman
Species diversity in space and time 1995 Rosenzweig, M., L. J. Divíšek
Space, place and gender 1994 Massey, D. R. Osman
Place/Culture/Representation 1993 Duncan, J., Ley, D. P. Daněk